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About the Client

Client C is a large specialty medical practice, with over seventy-five medical providers. With the field of medicine ever advancing and an increased pressure to see greater numbers of patients, these medical providers face considerable challenges in keeping up with workloads. This is particularly true when it comes to the transcription of doctor notes to electronic health records (EHR).

From small private practices to major hospitals and everywhere in-between, medical providers often struggle to maintain timely and accurate records. Any provider will admit that EHR present considerable opportunities, but they also threaten to overwhelm providers with tedious and time-consuming data collection and processing. This is especially true for larger medical practices such as Client C.

The notes recorded by doctors need to be processed and added to patient records. However, the increase in patients and information that must be processed requires more time and effort than medical staff can keep up with. That left Client C with the options of choosing between hiring and developing an in-house transcription staff, relying on Voice Recognition Software (VRS), or hiring an outside team to cover the medical transcription workload.

For Client C, the medical providers must both care for patients and build a business, which requires smart financial decisions that do not compromise the quality of care. Developing and maintaining an in-house transcription team was not the most practical solution. VRS is an affordable option, but in the end, it delivers results that are not accurate enough, which negatively impacts productivity. Ultimately, Client C decided to outsource the transcription work as it offers the most financial savings. Furthermore, this option provided improved accuracy and enabled them to increase their productivity.

The Issues

Client C wants to provide the highest levels of care possible. They also want to serve as many patients as they can day to day, week to week and throughout the year. Their EHR offers significant opportunities for improving patient care by collecting valuable data that is searchable and therefore accessible, but the EHR also requires an incredible amount of effort to maintain. Every patient seen requires the doctor to record notes, and every recording must be transcribed so that pertinent information can be collected and added to EHR.

Like most medical providers, Client C eventually determined that outsourcing medical transcription would be the most cost-effective solution for their data processing needs. They faced the same challenges as other medical practices: they needed a transcription company that was not only affordable but also able to handle the immense workload of such a large medical practice. They expected accuracy, quick turnaround and customized solutions to all be part of the package. However, they were quickly disappointed.

Due to the large size of the medical practice, Client C quickly found that the first medical transcription company they hired could not handle the extensive workload. Assuming that the amount of documentation required was simply too much for a single company, they hired a second medical transcription company to work simultaneously with the first company. Unfortunately, the size of the medical practice was proving too much for both of these medical transcription companies combined. Client C still did not have the resources required to meet their needs.

Our Approach

After 20 years of delivering medical transcription services, DataMatrix Medical understands the unique obstacles medical providers face in maintaining EHR. Our medical transcription solutions and related services have been tailored over the years to deliver the highest quality transcription available from any source. Not only do we transcribe quickly and accurately, we also adapt to the EHR system of each client to ensure seamless interaction between our services and your systems.

Client C needed fully customized solutions that worked for all of their medical providers. Here’s how we tackled Client C’s obstacles.

Custom Interface with EHR

Working with a transcription service should be simple and convenient. The last thing a busy medical provider should have to do is learn a whole new, complicated system to work with a transcription service. That is why DataMatrix worked with Client C to develop customized interfaces with EHR systems. These custom interfaces allow us to upload reports directly to their EHR system, so they get them faster and without needing to worry about converting them.

Custom App for Dictation

Your smartphone can do a lot – why not use it to dictate patient notes as well? DataMatrix Medical has designed a custom app that allows clients to record all the information they want to send to us on a mobile phone. The app is quite flexible, allowing a medical provider to dictate on ad-hoc visits or patient conversations even if the patient is not on the day’s schedule. Doctors can record and upload their notes to the DataMatrix system with minimal effort and maximum convenience.

Command Station

One of the advantages to working with DataMatrix is the real-time accessibility our clients have with their accounts. The Command Station lets office staff immediately determine the status of dictations being done by the physicians for the medical practice.

Accuracy and Quick Corrections

DataMatrix puts a team of professional medical transcriptionists on the account of each client. These professionals are trained in the area of practice of the client as well as in their specific EHR system. The use of the best transcriptionists available ensures that the information the doctor records is transcribed accurately and rapidly. No matter how fast the doctor speaks or how difficult others may find the transcription process, the DataMatrix team can adapt readily and easily. And if there are issues with the accuracy of a transcription, these issues are thoroughly assessed by DataMatrix in order to improve accuracy moving forward.

Adapting to Client Needs

Different doctors have different approaches to recording information. Some are perfectly comfortable using smart phone apps to record data. Others prefer to use a standard voice recorder or to make a phone call. DataMatrix allows clients to deliver the information they need us to transcribe using any of these methods. Whatever way the doctor records and delivers the notes to DataMatrix, they can expect quick processing and accuracy.

The Results

For Client C, our approach at DataMatrix Medical took the stress out of collecting patient notes from doctors and getting vital information into the EHR. Doctors can now record information in whatever way they prefer, and can easily pass that information on to the team at DataMatrix with assurance that it will make its way to the EHR system without missing a beat. Instead of worrying about transcription, the doctors can now focus on doing what they do best – treating patients.

We have been able to fully accommodate the large size of Client C’s medical practice. With more than seventy-five different medical providers, Client C needed a medical transcription company with the resources to cater to different styles. Our customized solutions have been able to address the significant variety of challenges that this presented. While Client C initially had three separate medical transcription providers, including DataMatrix, they quickly realized that we could handle all of their needs. We were able to quickly and seamlessly integrate with their medical practice. Within a few years, DataMatrix had completely taken over the transcription needs of the client. From the custom EHR interface to the convenient mobile app for recording information, the client found that DataMatrix was simply better in every capacity. DataMatrix quickly became the single provider of medical transcription services for the entire practice, demonstrating an ability to outperform the other vendor in both technology and customer service.


Managing doctor notes and EHRs can be challenging for any medical provider. The key to keeping pace with modern EHR systems and increasing patient loads is choosing a medical transcription services company that understands your needs and how to meet them.

DataMatrix is a unique medical transcription services company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our medical transcription services are robust, technologically advanced and dependable no matter what workload you send our way. We strive to be the ideal partner in the success of your medical practice. We do what we are great at, so your business can focus on doing what you do great. With us on the job, you know that the information you collect on your patients will be quickly accessible and accurate.

Providing top-notch medical care is always going to be an uphill battle. Let us help support you as you build a strong, competitive medical practice. Please contact one of our helpful team members now to learn more about our competitive pricing and industry-leading services.

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