Accurate and Efficient Medical Coding and Billing for Faster Reimbursements

Is your practice suffering from slow payments for services rendered due to coding and billing issues? DataMatrix Medical provides the trained billing and coding professionals you need to accurately document and code your medical services in preparation for insurance claim submittals and patient billing.

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No more fixed costs. Whether you need temporary, part-time, or full-time solutions for your medical practice, DataMatrix Medical is here for you.

24-Hour Capabilities

With DataMatrix Medical, there is no such thing as a sick day. We build in redundancy so you never have to worry about late hours, sick days, or time off.

50% Savings Over Direct Hire

Know exactly what your staffing costs will be month after month, year after year. No more staffing or expense surprises. No more backlog.

Fast & Accurate

With DataMatrix Medical every service we provide is carefully monitored by our team for quality and turnaround time.


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  • "DataMatrix Medical gave our practice the most precious commodity: more time. Thanks to their dedicated team and unparalleled customer service, the doctor spends more time with patients than with paperwork."

    Sue B. Practice Administrator, Colon & Rectal Surgical Practice

Why Outsource Billing Services, Coding Audits And Coding Services?

Our Team is an Extension of Yours!

Truth is, medical coding and billing is critical for growing your medical practice, but places a hefty burden on your administrative staff. Billing issues from inaccurate coding not only causes huge delays in payment processing, but it costs hours in administrative work to investigate and repeat the claims and billing process. Let DataMatrix Medical provide the support you need to get paid for services rendered faster. Not only do we process medical coding, claims processing, and patient billing faster and more accurately, we work with your EHR vendor to complete system updates including additional provider training as required for optimal documentation. For healthcare specialists, we work with your team to provide a prepackaged audit solution tool kit with support options for implementation, support and review of specialized coding requirements by vertical.

Daily coding for all services

Regularly scheduled coding audits including audit results, compliance plan, and system update recommendations

Insurance claim submittal & patient billing options

Payment posting and upfront scrubbing options

DataMatrix 100% HIPAA Compliant, Ancillary Medical Services

We guarantee our team is trained in and follows the most current HIPAA compliant practices and procedures.

Authorization & Referral Management

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Medical Transcription into the EHR

Voicemail Messages into the EHR

Document Management Services

Billing Services

Coding Audits and Coding Services

And More

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About DataMatrix Medical

We’ve made it our mission to provide a comprehensive, yet innovative suite of medical administrative solutions that serve as an integral component in the growth of our clients’ medical practices. We drive to always exceed our clients’ expectations and are dedicated to providing best-in-class customer service and support. We pride ourselves on being one of the top companies in the world for medical admin solutions and plan to continue upholding that reputation for years to come.

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