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Boost Practice Productivity

Improve your practices productivity by as much as 25% by outsourcing services such as prior authorization or medical transcription. This allows you to see more patients!

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Physician burnout leads to high turnover rates, however, physicians who outsource services to DataMatrix report a 40% increase with their work-life satisfaction.

Reduce Staffing Shortages

We specialize in a variety of specialties making it easy to fill in the staffing shortage gaps. Why not outsource services such as medical transcription, prior authorizations, insurance eligibility?

Practice Medicine Your Way

physician group practices medical solutions

Reduce burnout and experience a higher quality of life, while maintaining practice
and providing better care by outsourcing administrative tasks to DataMatrix Medical.

medical transcription services for medical specialist

Don’t Worry About Entering Your Notes

Avoid physician burnout by using DataMatrix scribes trained in medical terminology and procedures. Our one-time training helps avoid the high cost and hassle of training. We also offer Scribe backup with our solutions so you will never have to train a scribe again.

Save Time & Money While Maximizing Your Reimbursement Rates

Obtaining prior authorization for services is critical for reimbursement but places a hefty burden on your staff. Choosing DataMatrix to perform prior authorization best practices is key to ensuring your practice can continue providing the best patient care and receive full reimbursement.

prior authorization services for medical specialists

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