Medical credentialing ensures that the staff employed by healthcare providers and medical practices are adequately trained and have documentation to prove that they have the professional experience needed to provide their patients with the required healthcare service.

Credentialing requirements also ensure a high standard of safety is maintained in the medical profession, which reduces the chance of medical errors occurring.

Recruiting a credentialing service will help healthcare providers simplify the process, avoid delays, and save time and resources when it comes to managing and updating all necessary details.

It’s important to understand how enrollment services can take care of the credentialing process for your entire healthcare organization.

Why Is Credentialing So Important?

There are several critical areas that proper credentialing can influence that are important for medical practices of all sizes.

Gain Confidence With Patients

Before visiting a medical practice, patients need to be sure that they will be treated by healthcare professionals who will provide them with the highest possible level of care.
They’ll have far more confidence in doctors who have obtained board certification, so they will put their trust in them, knowing that they have to undergo stringent scrutiny before being allowed to practice medicine.

Being aware of this, they can be sure that the chosen physicians have the necessary experience and skills to perform procedures rather than risk any medical error that could be caused when treated by an incompetent provider.

Healthcare organizations will benefit from their confidence as these patients remain with the organization rather than going elsewhere.

Establish Professionalism

Patients expect professionalism from their healthcare physicians or healthcare providers, and taking advantage of a professional credentialing service will help you demonstrate this to them.

Credentialing ensures patients that their healthcare professional has the necessary experience as it systematically processes data, verifies sources, and assesses health plans and healthcare institutions.

It shows that you care about a patient’s health and safety, leading to patients trusting and respecting a healthcare professional who follows the code of conduct rules for healthcare workers.

Additionally, credentialing reflects well on the character and professionalism of the healthcare professional.

Essential For Billing Purposes

Credentialing in medical billing, also known as physician credentialing or insurance credentialing, is mandatory to become listed with insurance companies. It is a necessary process with Medicare and Medicaid, but credentialing standards can be extremely high with some insurance companies, which makes any practitioner enrolled with them more trustworthy to patients.

Without proper credentialing, a medical practice could lose thousands of dollars in lost revenue from delayed or denied reimbursements.

Reduces Medical Errors

Medical errors are the cause of many thousands of deaths in the USA every year. However, errors can be avoided when a healthcare practice takes advantage of the credentialing services offered by medical credentialing companies.

Medical credentialing assures a patient that your practice has competent providers with the necessary qualifications and experience, so they are skilled to perform the required medical tasks with no risk to people’s lives.

This will help improve patient outcomes, and by reducing the risk of medical errors and malpractice claims, you’ll be protected from legal liability.

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Benefits Of Outsourcing The Credentialing Process

You can expect the following benefits when outsourcing this process to medical credentialing companies.

Reduce Your Administrative Overhead

Cost saving is one of the main benefits of using an outsourced credentialing provider rather than having to train a team in the process in-house. As credentialing requires considerable attention to detail and specialized knowledge, a full-time employee would need to be employed, which could be costly.

There are also processes involved in credential renewals, and you can’t afford to miss deadlines for such submissions to happen.

And when you need to reappoint someone to this position, you’ll have additional costs in retraining the person. By outsourcing the process to an outside provider, you can avoid this and reduce administrative overheads considerably.

Take Advantage Of A Streamlined Process

A streamlined process will provide you with a checklist of all necessary documents and ensure that all documentation is recorded accurately. It will also ensure that you enroll with the appropriate insurance networks and follow up with the insurance company once the credentialing process is completed.

Apart from this, processing will be faster, errors will be reduced, and you’ll be saving a huge amount of time. This will all enhance the integrity of the process and lead to improved patient trust and care.

Ensure Credentials Don’t Lapse

Healthcare providers are generally re-credentialed every three years to review professional credentials and ensure their status complies with what is expected. But some facilities or insurance companies do check this more often.

Credentialing services can assist healthcare providers by providing a timely reminder of any upcoming expiration, which would result in reimbursements being denied.

This re-credentialing process ensures that healthcare providers continue to comply with regulatory requirements. It’s also possible that the process and required documentation change, and this can lead to delays if you’re not fully prepared for new requirements.

Fast Turnaround Times

The whole credentialing process of acquiring, evaluating, and verifying documentation is necessary for healthcare facilities and insurance carriers, and it’s a time-consuming process. Any errors can result in a delay in having the necessary credentials issued, and that can cause delays in payments or even revenue loss.

Manual credentialing requires filling out extensive paperwork, contacting various organizations, and passing on information to other institutions, which is a slow process. And you need to repeat this for every single medical professional.

By outsourcing to a credentialing service, you can save time and effort and reduce the treatment phase, which ensures reimbursement is provided promptly.

And by speeding up the process, there is less admin overhead for support teams in your medical organization.

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At DataMatrix, we have built an experienced team of dedicated specialists with extensive knowledge of credentialing to help you with the time-consuming processes that all medical practices face.

The medical credentialing services we provide start with the initial credentialing applications and also cover renewal processing when it comes due.

Our streamlined medical credentialing services will help you reach more patients and enable your practice to grow.

You’ll be amazed at the efficiency level you will reach, which can make you more competitive with less hassle involved.


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