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Boost Productivity

Improve your physicians’ productivity by as much as 25% with outsourcing. Allowing them to see more patients and spend more time with each one.

Retain Quality Physicians

Clinician burnout leads to high turnover rates, however, physicians who outsource services to DataMatrix report a 40% increase with their work-life satisfaction.

35+ Specialities

We specialize in a variety of specialties making it easy to transition to outsourcing services such as medical transcription, prior authorizations, insurance eligibility and many more.

Increase Physician Productivity and Decrease Physician Burnout

Medical Practice Solutions

Boost physician productivity and help decrease physician burnout by outsourcing administrative tasks to DataMatrix Medical.

medical scribe services to decrease burnout

Never Worry About Late Hours, Sick Days or Time Off

In-house medical scribes are great, however, you often have to worry about turn over, sick days and vacations. Our medical scribe service offers peace of mind when it comes to availability and our service is more cost-effective than in-house scribes.

Quick & Effective EHR Software Integration

Whether it’s transcription work, scanning patient information, editing voice recognition software dictation or handling billing and referrals, our DataMatrix Medical team has the EHR software knowledge and expertise to integrate seamlessly into your existing system and workflow.

ehr integration services

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