Medical Scribes for Physicians in California

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Your patients deserve your full attention. You need to provide them with more of your time with the assistance of a remote medical scribe. Remote scribes offer expert service anywhere in the state, from San Diego to Sacramento to Los Angeles and anywhere between. DataMatrix Medical pairs your medical practice or hospital with the qualified scribes you need to spend less time on EHR notetaking and more time with patients.

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How a Remote Medical Scribe Works

When you request a remote medical scribe for your California practice from DataMatrix Medical, you have two options for service – online or offline. Both forms of remote services ease the burden of putting patient notes into the EHR/EMR during or after patient visits. You will have more time to talk to the patient and assess their situation and less time interacting with your EHR.

Live Remote Medical Scribes for Real-Time Support

The live or online type of medical scribe serves as someone to sit remotely with you during patient visits or follow up in a meeting after. These remote medical scribes have specific training to understand medical terminology and abbreviations within your specific field. They do the work of putting information from patient sessions into your practice’s EHR/EMR. Even if you don’t use EHR/EMR software for your practice, a remote scribe from DataMatrix Medical can put the information into whatever format you use for record keeping.

If you are lookin for the best EHR transcription, DataMatrix Medical provides solutions for both Physician and Group Practices, as well as, Hospitals and Health Systems.

Offline Work to Turn Recorded Notes to EHR Data

If you prefer to record your patient notes during visits and need to reference other information before putting the data into the EHR, an offline option better suits your needs. With this option, you can conduct research after a patient visit and include that information in your audio notes that the scribe transfers to your electronic records. Like live scribes, offline services save you time on note-taking and free you to practice medicine.

Why Choose a Remote Medical Scribe Over an In-House Option for Your California Practice

Having an in-house medical scribe means that you have another employee to schedule, train, and pay. Additionally, you won’t have their services if they have a sick day, take a personal day off, or go on vacation. During these times, you may find yourself falling behind trying to take notes during patient visits. Using a remote medical scribe frees you from these worries.

Choosing a remote scribe in your California practice will save you time and money. These professionals work with your schedule. In addition, you never need to worry about turnover. You’ll always have a scribe near you who knows your software system and medical specialty.

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For a “Medical Scribe Near Me,” Choose DataMatrix Medical in California

In California, DataMatrix Medical offers doctors, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals the remote scribe services they need to streamline their patient care. By not worrying about getting notes into the EHR, you have more time and mental capacity to dedicate to patient care. Contact DataMatrix Medical to learn more about us and the remote medical services we offer to medical practices in California.