Medical Scribe for Physicians in Pennsylvania

Speed Up Creating Notes in Your EHR with Remote Medical Scribes for Pennsylvania Practitioners  

Do you find yourself spending more time putting patient information into the EHR than you spend with patients at your Pennsylvania practice? When doctors try to do all the paperwork themselves, they increase chances for burnout, spend less time with patients, and need to work longer hours. A study from 2019 found that, on average, physicians added an extra 1.77 hours daily to putting data into their EHR/EMR system. This time they have increased their working hours, making for longer days without seeing more patients. A remote medical scribe can save you hours a day in extra work, allowing you to spend more time giving patients exceptional care.

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Perks of Hiring a Remote Medical Scribe

While some practices may use an in-house transcriptionist to transfer practitioner notes to the EHR, this option comes with a few downsides. First, unless you already have someone on staff in this role, you’ll need to do a job search for a “medical scribe near me” and go through the process of hiring and onboarding a new employee. Additionally, your employee’s availability may differ from yours, and they will require time off, take vacations, or need sick days.

By choosing a remote medical scribe team, you can save time and money in finding a scribe for your practice. Teams of scribes work with your Pennsylvania practice to ensure you always have someone available online or offline to put patient visit notes into your EHR/EMR.

You can even add remote medical scribes to your team to help your in-house transcriptionist to avoid burnout. The remote scribes can fill the position if you need a medical scribe when your in-house employee takes a day off. Some growing practices also add virtual medical scribes to supplement the work of their in-house staff and aid in handling more patients.

Service from a Medical Scribe Pennsylvania Practitioners Save Time with

Whether you are a specialist or a general practitioner, the remote scribe from DataMatrix Medical whom you work with will have knowledge of your area of expertise and always maintain HIPAA compliance. Additionally, they learn to understand your notes, whether you have an accent or use particular abbreviations when giving notes.

Medical scribes work with you to assist in putting patient information into your EMR/EHR system. This will save you time in paperwork. Plus, competitive rates that fit your budget will save you money.

Medical Scribe Services for Anywhere in Pennsylvania

Because all medical practices can benefit from the time-saving work of a medical scribe, availability is essential. Our remote scribes can meet you virtually no matter where you have your practice, whether you work in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, or a small town. You’ll always have a scribe ready to help you save time. Plus, you never need to worry about traffic or weather delaying their arrival because they meet you online.

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Stop wasting time on personally putting information into EHR. Get a trained assistant to do the work for you and give you back more of your time to care for your patients. Learn more about how DataMatrix Medical can help your Pennsylvania practice to streamline care with a remote medical scribe. Contact us today to get more information.