What Keeps Your Practice From Achieving Productivity?

Outsourcing medical transcription services boost clinical productivity allowing you to focus on what matters the most: your patients.

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Partner With DataMatrix Medical For All Your Medical Transcription Needs

The medical transcription solutions we provide are flexible, accurate, and integrate seamlessly into your EHR software.

Now more than ever, clinical practices need quality management systems that are not only efficient but that can save their medical staff time.

At DataMatrix Medical, we provide transcription programs that relieve you from uncompensated tasks that weigh heavily on your day-to-day. With DataMatrix Medical’s medical transcription services, we guarantee you and your staff will experience increased productivity, see more patients, and improve your overall level of patient care.

Our transcription programs are custom made to fit the unique needs of each individual practice. Each program comes with a dedicated team of medical scribes and is reinforced by industry-leading data security to ensure patient privacy.


We provide each of your physicians with a team of medical transcriptionists, or  virtual medical scribes, who are trained to deliver your clinical documentation into your EHR system seamlessly. What’s more, we work fast. Our virtual medical scribes deliver your completed medical transcription directly into your chart in as little as two hours. And, with our 98% accuracy rate, you won’t have to worry about going back to make edits–we’ve got you covered.

Many clinical practices that utilize speech recognition or voice recognition software (VRS) find the need to go back and correct errors after the digital medical dictation occurs. If the technology isn’t saving you time–what’s the point? For practices that struggle with VRS dictation, we offer proofreading and editing solutions to ensure accuracy for all clinical documentation. Our medical scribes are able to listen to the audio recordings and review them within your EHR software–saving you time and frustration.

DataMatrix is able to index your medical records directly into your EHR system. This is an important function for organizing and storing information such as the patient’s demographic and treatment information together in one place for easy retrieval later. DataMatrix’s services provides for timely entry into your EHR. Our solution tracks all your documents accurately and we do it all for a fraction of your in-house costs.

Obtaining prior authorization for services can place a burden on staff, but this is critical for reimbursement. If prior authorization is not performed, clinicians may find that they have performed unnecessary or duplicative services. Authorizations done correctly help physicians properly diagnose patients in a timely manner. These prior authorization and insurance verification best practices allow you to minimize these time-intensive processes while still ensuring a high quality of care for your patients and a high payment rate from payers. Datamatrix provides a quick and cost-effective process for all your authorization needs. This allows less turnaround time to make appointments. Without authorizations, providers may receive a reduction in reimbursements or no reimbursements at all.

DataMatrix can conduct regularly scheduled audits (quarterly) where practice staff provides random sample for review. DataMatrix can provide daily coding for all or selected services. Practice staff would need to provide notes, bills and any other supporting documentation required to provide audit. DataMatrix can automatically schedule quarterly audit performance with random selection in conjunction with daily coding. Daily reports transmitted. Audit results and compliance plan performed and reported, system update recommendations. DataMatrix could also work with your vendor to complete system updates, daily required coding and reporting; additional provider training as required for optimal documentation. DataMatrix can also provide prepackaged audit solution toolkit for practice to implement with support option for implementation, support and review of specialized coding requirements by vertical.

We provide man power support for billing processes. The practice manually enters or imports billing information to be accessed remotely by DataMatrix for processing and claim creation. Claims are submitted by practice or by DataMatrix for adjudication. DataMatrix manually enters and/or imports charges from existing system to create claim files and submissions. Payment posting can also be handled by DataMatrix staff. Working with the practice in conjunction with their vendor to understand billing

Datamatrix can take your voice mail messages and transcribe them into your EHR quickly and cost effectively. With our solution your employees spend less time retrieving messages and more time on patient care face to face. Our solution helps your staff to be prepared to speak with patients on a call back after reviewing original request with physician. It allows for tracking of phone messages being entered in an EHR system directly. It also provides easy reporting of how many actual voicemail messages are received and being answered. Messages can be

Verifying insurance eligibility is one of the most important steps in the medical billing process. Patient insurance verification plays a key role in any healthcare specialty's claims denials. Datamatrix provides a fast efficient, scalable and economical solution for your insurance eligibility verification needs. If benefits are not verified then payment for services rendered by the provider is not guaranteed.

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When It Comes To Transcribing Your Patient’s Health Records–Technology Doesn’t Always Know Best

Many practices today rely on voice recognition software, or VRS, as dictation method for patient visits and other medical documents. But if you ask us, the transcription of your practice’s medical data is a job for a human. At DataMatrix Medical, our scribes are trained to pick up on your physician’s intent, and our 98% accuracy rate is proof. Speech recognition dictation simply cannot compete.

Understand further the benefits of human transcription through our whitepaper, The Power Of Intent: Why Words Matter In Medical Transcription.

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  • "We have been working with DataMatrix Medical for over 8 years, and their best attribute—in addition to their price – is that their work is consistently accurate."

    Andrea Practice Administrator, Neurosurgical Practice

Medical Transcription Costs

With DataMatrix Medical, you only pay for what you need. We’ll only bill you for the work we perform as we perform it. No contracts, no gimmicks–just transparent and reasonable pricing.