EHR Integration

Electronic Health Record Software Integration

Human touch for a digital-fueled healthcare world.

Most physicians find it difficult to efficiently utilize electronic health record (EHR) software without extensive education and training. At DataMatrix Medical, we provide EHR integration with medical transcription services to help physicians complete day-to-day tasks and improve overall clinical productivity. Whether it’s transcription work, scanning patient information, editing voice recognition software dictation or handling billing and referrals, our DataMatrix Medical team has the EHR software knowledge and expertise to integrate seamlessly into your existing system and workflow.

How It Works

Whether it’s medical transcription or document scanning, we have the capabilities to assist you through a variety of tasks within your current electronic health Record system. Thus, giving you and your team the bandwidth to handle higher-priority tasks.

Choose Your Method


Dictate your notes as usual, using either our convenient app, traditional phone system or a voice recorder. Our virtual medical scribes will take your spoken words and copy them directly into your EHR system.

Seamless Integration


With easy integration into your EHR software, DataMatrix Medical is able to enter patient data directly into your charts, creating quality medical transcription in as little as two hours.

Accurate Medical Transcription


Say goodbye to hours of editing notes. Our medical transcriptionists operate under a 98% accuracy rate–providing you with quality medical transcription, every single time.

DataMatrix Medical offers editing services for those who utilize voice recognition software as a transcription method. Our ability to work easily within almost all EHR systems allows us to access and edit data within your specific system with ease. A virtual scribe will enter your system, check your notes for any errors or flags, correct any mistakes and ensure that each section of each chart is filled out completely and accurately.


Setting up your EHR software correctly from the start is critical for a high functioning clinical practice. Download our guide on accelerating the set-up of your electronic health record system to learn how.

Benefits of EHR Integration

Time Savings

No matter how familiar you are with your EHR software, it’s impossible to enter notes as fast as you speak them. That’s where we come in. Our ability to integrate into your current workflow allows our clinical dictation specialists to deliver transcription services quickly and efficiently, saving you time to focus on clinical care.

Higher Accuracy

Working with a company that can easily integrate into your workflow means not only will you obtain your records faster, but the record you obtain will be more accurate. With a 98% accuracy rate, our virtual scribes deliver accurate medical transcription the first time around.

Increased Referrals

Many practices lack the time and resources to manage the volume of authorizations and referrals that go through the practice each day. Our effortless integration into your electronic health record software allows us to provide you quick and accurate referral and authorization management, resulting in more referrals per day.

Better Care

It’s simple–better documentation results in higher-quality care. Spending time entering notes into your EHR keeps you from giving your patients the quality face-to-face time they deserve. We integrate into your workflow so you can spend more time focusing on and caring for what matters the most–your patients.

Reduced Workload

Busy work within electronic health record system has led to physicians spending countless hours on documentation that could have otherwise been spent seeing patients. Our easy EHR integration across all services allows us to take the burden off of your workload.

Better Productivity

A productive practice is a profitable practice. By assimilating into your current EHR system, we’ll relieve you from the burden of documentation–putting time back on your side to then give to your patients.

Data Security

Ensuring complete data security, every step of the way.

One of the biggest hurdles for medical practices is ensuring that data stored in EHR software is constantly protected. At DataMatrix Medical, we believe that not only should you be well-versed in HIPAA requirements, but your outsourcing company should too. It’s our expertise in EHR software and our ability to integrate that allows us to keep your patient data safe and secure. Our hosting covers all three critical security areas: physical security, operational security, and system security–ensuring complete security for your EHR software.

Choosing the right company to outsource to is the first step towards a more productive practice. Get in touch with us to find out if we’re the right match for you.