HIPAA Compliance

DataMatrix Medical understands the importance of data security and HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Medical Transcription

Your patients depend on you to keep their protected health information safe; you know that securing that confidential data can be quite a complicated task. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, provides guidance for achieving the safe management of protected health information; HIPAA compliant medical transcription is a crucial part of running a successful medical practice. Not following these guidelines opens your office files to corruption and you to litigation.

At-risk information faces many threats, including data loss, unauthorized access and breach of your system. Hackers are constantly developing new ways to access data and sell it or even hold it hostage until you pay to release it.


HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription

As a result, HIPAA compliant medical transcription is an essential part of what we do. HIPAA for medical transcriptionists services require that very specific measures be put in place in order to protect your patient information.

  • Data must be protected as it is transferred between you and other data management offices.
  • It must be stored, archived and backed up in an appropriate and secure manner.
  • All data must be encrypted and secured during the transcription process.

DataMatrix understands the importance of data security, HIPAA, and medical transcription services and has several measures in place to keep your information safe.

Preventing Data Breach

HIPAA and medical transcription services go hand-in-hand. Protecting your data against unauthorized access or breach is a central part of our commitment to you. DataMatrix has established several layers of protection to guard against a breach of your data.


All data is encrypted using HIPAA compliant algorithms to prevent against unauthorized access or cyber theft.


All data is stored securely at our data centers. Unauthorized access to these servers is prevented by security guards 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.


All personal health information accessed on your mobile device or tablet is encrypted, at levels beyond what is required by HIPAA compliant medical transcription.


We use a secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt all data as it is transferred between your office and ours.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

A common threat, which not many people may be aware of, is that the use of voice recognition software carries the risk that someone may impersonate you or your voice to access the data. HIPAA for medical transcriptionists must address this concern.

  • Our mobile app and phone dictation system are all password protected and encrypted by HIPAA compliant measures.
  • Access to your account is set on an individual basis. Each user can be set up with different access restrictions, depending on your preference and needs.
Doctor using tablet computer

Preventing Data Loss

In the healthcare industry, data loss is not just an inconvenience; not being able to access your patient charts can literally mean the difference between life and death. We understand the gravity of the task to protect your data.

  • All data is backed up to a secure location, so that it can be accessed in the event of a disaster or the corruption of our servers.
  • We can assist with disaster recovery in the event that your servers go down or are corrupted.

Medical transcription HIPAA compliance does not just involve the technological protection of your data; it also requires that the people handling your data also follow compliance guidelines. Our specially trained transcriptionists are committed to maintaining and protecting your patient’s private health information, as if it was their own.

When it comes to data security and HIPAA compliant medical transcription, we understand the details and will ensure that you are covered. Give us a call to learn more about our data protection methods and how they can be seamlessly implemented in your practice.