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If you run a medical practice, you understand how much paperwork comes into the practice. While the thought of an EHR leads you to think you are moving to a “paperless” environment, everyone knows that there is still a tremendous amount of physical paper that is generated for each patient. Your practice probably receives paper every day, and it can be easy to lose track of documents. That is why you need to invest in medical document management. At DataMatrix Medical, we offer a customized workflow that makes getting your documents into your EHR easier. Learn more about some of the benefits of partnering with our medical document management services below, and reach out to us to speak to a member of our team.

1. You Reduce Lag Time

One of the first benefits of investing in a medical document management service is that you can significantly reduce lag time. Your lag time refers to the time it takes you to get physical pieces of paper into the EHR. Sometimes, documents may not be scanned into the medical record system for days or even weeks. This type of lag time is not good for patient care as important tasks may be missed.

If you work with DataMatrix Medical, you can expedite the process, getting documents into your EHR as quickly as possible. This makes it easier for you to respond to patient concerns on time while also ensuring that you make decisions based on accurate information related to each patient.

2. You Improve Patient Care

Speaking of patient care, you can significantly improve the care you provide for your patients by investing in a medical document management service. When a doctor sees a patient, or if a patient calls the office, you need the response to be made based on updated patient information. If the documents are not in the system where they belong, the doctor may not have the most recent set of lab values, insurance plan, or image results. This makes it hard for the doctor to make the right decision for each patient. You can dramatically improve the level of care you provide to your patients if you invest in the medical document management service from DataMatrix Medical.

3. You Improve Workflow by Tasking the Documents

Do you feel like much time is wasted in your medical practice every day? If so, you need to streamline your workflow. One of the ways to do so is by tasking each individual document. It is impossible to flag documents that are physical pieces of paper, but you can task individual documents if you put them into the EHR.

Once the documents are in the EHR, you can flag them appropriately, asking a staff member to take the next actions needed based on any requests in the documents. Don’t forget, by outsourcing this service, you no longer have to consider down time, our team has 24/7 capabilities so no need to worry about staffing when someone is out sick or on vacation.

Trust DataMatrix Medical To Help You Manage Your Documents With Medical Document Indexing

If you want to reduce the pile of paper on your desk, you need to use medical document indexing services from DataMatrix Medical. At DataMatrix Medical, we understand that there are a lot of practices that deal with mountains of paperwork every day. This can significantly impair your ability to provide timely, quality care to your patients. We offer a medical document management service that can make it easier for you to do so. By taking your physical documents and scanning, indexing, and tasking them in your electronic medical record, you will have an easier time responding to patient concerns promptly and making accurate care decisions. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.

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