DataMatrix Medical has been providing medical transcription solutions for over 20 years.



DataMatrix Medical has been providing medical transcription services like cardiology medical transcription and orthopedic medical transcription for over 20 years. These medical transcription services include custom EHR integration. Our 400+ employees are dedicated to providing world-class customer service and support, and to helping our clients reduce the time they spend each day on documentation. Our team of highly trained professional medical transcriptionists ensures that you will no longer have to waste time going over inaccurate voice recognition files or transcribed documents.

Accurate documentation and communication among healthcare professionals is absolutely essential for good patient care. Doctors and other providers must be able to share lab and assessment results and patient information quickly, accurately and dependably in order to ensure continuity of care.

Why use a professional medical transcriptionist?

At DataMatrix, we are proud to play our part, by guaranteeing that your medical dictation and transcription services are performed by someone who has been specially trained to work with healthcare providers.

Our transcriptionists don’t just understand the terminology, they are trained to hear discrepancies and potential errors and to flag them for your review. This extra step helps to protect your practice and reduce the risk of litigation by improving the accuracy of your documentation.

Who do we work with?

DataMatrix is happy to work with all medical practices, from small practices with a single doctor to large facilities with multiple specialties. We have transcriptionists who are trained in all specialties, including:

General Practice
Allergy/ENT/Head and Neck
Plus, many more

Our transcription services are currently used by more than 250 medical practices and hospitals all over the country. Best of all, there’s no need to get rid of your existing transcription service, unless you want to. We can supplement your current solution, cover sick or vacation time, or even provide additional help for your growing practice. See what makes us different than other transcription companies.

How do we work?

Our goal is to improve your office efficiency and our highly flexible process makes it happen!


Do you have multiple providers in your practice who each have different dictation, transcription and documentation needs and preferences?


Does your physician prefer to use a paper chart or handwritten reports?


Have thick accents been an issue with other transcription services?

DataMatrix can easily customize a solution to accommodate these issues, which can be a challenge when working with other transcription services.

This may mean simple medical transcription from dictated notes, reviewing notes prepared from voice recognition software to ensure accuracy, or even medical data entry from paper charts into your EHR. Your providers can dictate how they wish (we offer a traditional phone system, voice recorders or even a convenient smart phone app) and you will receive your reports as you prefer and in the time frame you need (the next day is standard).

You’ll be assigned a specific, multi-person team who will be solely dedicated to your providers. Your team will be very quickly become used to your process, dictation style and needs. And because your team has multiple people, you’ll never have to worry about not receiving a timely report due to illness, holidays or vacation time.

With no monthly minimums or contracts to sign, you simply pay for the work we do when we do it.

Getting Started

If your providers are ready to spend less time worrying about documentation, get in touch with us for a 2 week free trial! You will very quickly see just how flexible we are and how seamlessly we’ll fit into your existing workflow. Let us help you get your providers back where they belong – with their patients.