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Medical Transcription Services Designed To Increase Bandwidth In Busy Clinical Practices.

As a medical professional, not only are you responsible for the care of your patients, you’re also responsible for updating and maintaining their health records–during and after their visits. With a team of medical scribes documenting each of your patient visits to completion, you’ll spend less time in your EHR and more time focusing on what matters most–your patients.

How Our Medical Transcription Process Works

Each physician in your practice is given a team of highly dedicated virtual medical scribes who not only transcribe each patient visit, but also enter the transcription directly into your EHR system. Without the burden of documentation, you’ll be able to spend more time with your patients, and less time dealing with your EHR.

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing
Medical Transcription With DataMatrix Medical

Transcribing important patient data and information isn’t something we take lightly. See why our customers prefer our medical transcription services over the competition…

  • Guaranteed Accuracy
    When it comes to patient care, there’s no room for mistakes. We utilize a diligent quality assurance system that ensures completely accurate reports, straight into your EHR.
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • EHR Integration
    Our medical transcription solutions are performed within your current EHR system, allowing you to access reports at the click of a button. Discrete data can be entered into individual fields within the EHR and each section of a report can be entered into different sections of the patient chart. Handwritten notes can also be transcribed and entered into your EHR system. Interested in learning more about the importance of EHR integration? Take a look at what one of our clients have to say about our convenient EHR integration.
  • Existing Practice Workflows Will Be Kept
  • Mobile Solution for Dictation
    You may use an iPhone app, phone or recorder to dictate. If using voice recognition, we are able to proofread the files.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
    The healthcare field is one that never sleeps–and neither do we. Our team of virtual medical scribes work around the clock to provide completed reports in as little as two hours. STAT turnaround times are available.
  • Affordable Prices
    Unlike other medical transcription companies, our services are non-binding and created to save money for your practice. That means you’ll never be locked into a contract of services and you’ll only pay for the work as it’s performed.

  • No Capital Outlay
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees
    This includes no installation or training expenses and no maintenance or software upgrade fees.
  • Data Security
    Our ability to integrate seamlessly into your EHR system allows us to deliver your transcription quickly and safely. Our medical transcription services are 100% compliant with HIPAA law.
  • Extensive Experience With IME’s
  • U.S. Based Best in Class Customer Service and Support
    Each measure requires pertinent information to meet the MACRA/MIPS requirement. DataMatrix transcriptionists are able to complete the encounter note per the physician dictation which in turn is reportable to CMS. Therefore, the provider is not penalized.
  • Ability to Work With all Specialties and Primary Care
    Transcriptionists are trained in your specialty and your p0hysicians will be assigned a team of transcriptionists at the beginning of our partnership.

Ready to get started? Request a free trial and allow us to show you how medical transcription with DataMatrix Medical will change your practice for the better.

Is Your EHR Complying With HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the foundation of what you do as a medical professional–especially within your EHR. Not only does it ensure the protection of sensitive patient data secure, it holds medical professionals accountable. Unfortunately, the growing advancement of EHR has made HIPAA compliance particularly difficult–especially for busy practices with several EHR users. Fortunately, we’re able to fill in the holes within EHR systems that often go unnoticed by physicians and their staff.

Visit our integration page to learn about our EHR Integration benefits.

Optimize Clinical Productivity iPad

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A Human Solution For Your Busy Practice.

Where technology falls short, DataMatrix Medical excels. Voice recognition software and other AI tools simply aren’t precise enough to pick up on the idiosyncrasies and intent of human speech, which is what makes human medical transcription so crucial.

With DataMatrix Medical, you’ll never have to worry about checking for accuracy or inconsistencies. We work closely with each of your physicians to understand each of their specific patterns of speech, accents and more to deliver highly accurate dictation, every time.

Do you currently use VRS for your transcription needs? No problem. We offer VRS Proofreading services to ensure your notes are completely accurate, no matter what type of transcription method you use. Learn more about our proofreading services here.

Outsourced Vs. In-House Medical Transcription

Employing an in-house transcriptionist can cost you anywhere from $30k to $45k per year, per employee. And it’s likely that your practice will need to employ more than one scribe, depending on the size of your practice. Not only is this costly, it’s also time-consuming. Hiring in-house transcriptionists require you to be responsible for the hiring, management and on-going training of several additional employees.

When you outsource your medical transcription with DataMatrix Medical, the hassle of transcription and documentation is taken off of your shoulders completely. We provide your practice with highly-trained, highly-accurate medical transcriptionists whose entire job is to deliver you the proper reporting and dictation you require. All you have to do is decide to outsource your medical transcription with DataMatrix Medical, and we handle the rest!

Is it time for your practice to start outsourcing your medical transcription services? Here’s what outsourcing can do for your practice.

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