Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to your questions about our medical transcription services

1. What medical specialties do you work with?

DataMatrix will work with healthcare providers in all specialties. With a staff of transcriptionists trained in all specialties and General Practice, we are confident that we can quickly assemble a highly trained team for your practice.

2. We are only a small practice. Can you help us?

Yes! Our flexible process is easily adapted to any size practice. Whether your office has one doctor or 100, we can create a solution that fits your needs.

3. Do you work with all EHR programs?

We absolutely work with all EMR/EHR solutions. Many we have full integrations with, and others we use the software as an office user.

4. What if we don’t use an Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

Not a problem! We will gladly work with all offices, even those without an EHR. You will get your reports in the format that you want and need for your existing workflow.

5. Do you accept handwritten reports?

We are happy to enter handwritten reports, or the data in those reports, directly into your EHR.

6. Can we customize our templates?

During the onboarding process, or anytime thereafter, you are encouraged to help DataMatrix develop new or improve your old templates to help facilitate the process. You can also develop expanded text – frequently used paragraphs – that can be inserted into your documentation with a simple word or phrase.

7. What is the turnaround time?

You will get your completed transcription by the next day. And because you work with a dedicated team of transcriptionists, there are no sick days, vacation time or missed deadlines.

8. Can we edit our reports?

Absolutely! We will even help by flagging reports that contain conflicting data (such as discrepancies between Left and Right descriptors) to help reduce the risk of errors.

9. What is the dictation process?

There are many ways that your providers can dictate their information. Whether your providers prefer to use a phone, voice recorder, or our convenient smart phone app, our team can accommodate them.

10. How do you handle difficult accents or inaudible transcription?

Each provider has a dedicated team of transcriptionists assigned specifically to them. Our transcriptionists are trained to quickly become familiar with the accent and dictation style of every provider that they work with. This promotes the fastest and most accurate transcription possible.

If there are any parts that are inaudible, we will flag or highlight it so that the doctor can review and fill in the missing information. We also welcome feedback from our providers, which helps to quickly correct any issues.

11. What is your process for new clients?

When you are ready to get started, simply get in touch with us and a dedicated account manager will guide you through the rest of our onboarding process. We will work with your existing workflow in order to create a custom solution for your needs.

12. Is there a setup fee or monthly minimums?

There are no setup fees or monthly minimums to worry about. Our fees are flexible and are based per transcription minute. The exact rate will be determined by our services.

We are happy to offer a free trial period so that you can see if our services are right for your practice.

13. We have transcriptionists on staff we love for the last 20 years and want to keep them. Can you help augment our service?

We are happy to supplement your existing solution, cover vacations or sick time, or even provide additional capacity for growing practices. There are no monthly minimums to contend with, and we will only bill for the work we perform as we perform it.

14. Do you provide other services besides transcription?

DataMatrix is proud to offer a number of other general office support services. Whether you need help with data-entry, coding and billing or even software development, our goal is to get your providers back where they belong, with their patients.