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Orthopedic surgeons have unique requirements when it comes to keeping medical notes for their patients. Not only do they have to transcribe patient consultations that determine the treatments required, but there are also surgical reports and post-surgery reviews.

And when you add in the wide range of highly specialized medical terms for everything from ankle and foot disorders to shoulder and wrist injuries, there’s simply no room for error in maintaining electronic health records.

And that’s exactly where orthopedic transcription services can be the ideal solution.

Let me explain the benefits.

Improved Productivity With Medical Transcription Services

It’s not uncommon for doctors and surgeons to spend upwards of 30% of their time on administrative tasks associated with maintaining patient records. And in the orthopedic space, this can be even more time-consuming.

From the initial consultation with a patient to surgical orthopedic reports and the potential for multiple follow-up visits, practically every step of the way to recovery involves spending time writing or dictating notes.

One of the common solutions is to use dictation software. This either takes direct voice commands spoken into a dictation device, or it can be active during patient visits to transform every spoken word into text.

However, there are a few issues with any dictation software.

First of all, it just converts spoken words into text. That means that there’s still a lot of proofing and admin work involved to ensure only relevant and accurate information is recorded in the medical records.

More importantly, due to the nature of orthopedics and the large number of different joints, injuries, and diseases, there are thousands of highly specialized medical terms. And once you add in different tones of voice and accents, it quickly happens that dictation software fails to accurately transcribe spoken medical terms.

And that’s why orthopedic transcription services can be a far superior solution.

To learn more about medical transcription vs medical dictation on our blog.

Benefits Of Orthopedic Transcription Services

There are several critical advantages of ​​medical transcription services that can free up a lot of time that orthopedic doctors can then spend with their patients.

Orthopedic Consultation Transcripts

Some of the most important information for electronic patient records is accurate details about patient visits that determine the best treatments. This is when doctors have to document as much detail about a patient’s symptoms, test results, and x-rays that form the basis of any prescribed medication and recommended surgeries.

Whether it’s an ankle surgery, knee replacement, or a significant repair due to orthopedic trauma, orthopedic transcription services performed by a human can ensure that all the relevant information is accurately recorded in the patient records.

Surgical Orthopedic Reports

Orthopedic transcription services can also be used to record all the necessary details for surgical orthopedic reports. Rather than spend time typing up a report after each surgery, doctors can record their notes into an audio file.

Our team at DataMatrix can then pick up those files and transcribe all the important information into the orthopedic report, add formatting for easy readability, and attach it to the patient records in your chosen EMR software system.

Accurate Transcription of Patient Records

The most critical thing about maintaining patient records is ensuring that the correct terms are always used. And because the orthopedic specialty is filled with thousands of highly specialized medical terms and acronyms, it’s vital that you don’t end up with mistakes in patient records.

There can be significant legal implications due to inaccurate medical records, and it can make follow-up treatments and consultations very difficult.

That’s why at DataMatrix, we provide extensive training to our team that provides orthopedic transcription services . These employees will be extremely familiar with all the terms and context of orthopedic treatments, which means you have less need to proofread orthopedic reports.

Provided By Trained Employees

Our approach to training employees involves providing ongoing support and education to ensure they always stay on top of new medical terms, treatments, and acronyms. We also ensure that this training involves continual review of less commonly used terms.

This ensures that our orthopedic transcription services always provide the highest level of accuracy to give you the confidence and peace of mind that your patient records are properly maintained with as little admin impact for the physicians.

Easily Adapt To Increased Demand

Because we maintain a large pool of highly skilled people in our orthopedic transcription services team, we can quickly adapt to increases in demand. Many doctors and medical facilities that partner with us find that they have a lot more time available to see patients.
And that increased patient time will then lead to an increased demand for medical transcription services.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have a backlog of audio recordings, making it difficult to keep your patient records up-to-date and accurate.

Integration With Orthopedic EMRs

Here at DataMatrix, we have put a lot of effort into training our staff to use all electronic medical record systems. And these include those used by most orthopedic surgeons.

Our team has had specialized training to ensure that our medical transcription services fully integrate with your EHR or EMR.


NextGen’s Healthcare EMR is one of the most widely used systems in America. Its main advantage is interoperability with different systems, meaning that patients who are referred by other healthcare providers don’t face delays for other doctors getting access to their medical records.


Modernized Medicine is another specialized EMR system that combines features that suit large healthcare organizations with multiple different medical specialties. From dermatology to orthopedics and ophthalmology, it’s a great way to ensure that all your patient’s details are in one place.


Athena EMR has become one of the fastest-growing systems as the company has taken the approach of developing a cloud-based system. This not only reduces overhead costs for managing an EMR in-house but also allows for more efficient integration with medical transcription services.


SRS is a fully government-approved EHR that aims to make it easier for physicians to record patient details. With a streamlined approach this can also speed up orthopedic transcription services to ensure you have always got the most up-to-date information.


Allscripts is another common EMR that makes it easier for doctors and surgeons from different departments to manage patient records. It also includes a billing system so that more administrative tasks can be combined into one system.

And our orthopedic transcription services fully comply with HIPAA requirements to ensure that you remain fully compliant.

Outsource Your Transcription Needs To DataMatrix

If medical dictation software has proven to be limiting in the amount of time savings it provides, then contact our team at DataMatrix today to find out more about our orthopedic transcription services.

We have dedicated staff with specialized training in orthopedic terminology and acronyms to ensure that you don’t encounter transcription errors.
And our service minimizes the amount of proofing and administrative tasks physicians need to assign to each patient, freeing up a lot more time to dedicate to patient care.

Call us today, and we will provide you with a full overview of how our medical transcription services can maximize your productivity.

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