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If you want to spend more time working with patients, less time on the phone can allow additional time for patient care. That is where a voicemail transcription service can be helpful. Many voicemail systems are available, but you need to find one that will help you save time during the day.

Think about the amount of time you, as a doctor or a medical staff member, spend going through robotic voicemail commands and finding the right one to meet your needs. This takes you out of the patient room, potentially hurting your patient satisfaction scores and reducing the revenue you generate for the practice.

One way to overcome these potential issues is to invest in a medical voicemail service that allows transcription. One of the best options available is DataMatrix Medical. Why is DataMatrix Medical better than the other options available?

1. Security Is a Major Focus

One of the biggest reasons you need to rely on DataMatrix Medical to help you is that security is a significant focus. Think about all of the information left on voicemails sent to your practice. A few examples include:
You may have patience calling you about a specific injury or illness they need help with.
You may have a consultant calling you about a specific patient you need help with.
A laboratory may call with information about a sensitive lab result.
A local pharmacist may call with information about a specific medication.

All of this qualifies as protected health information, and you need to work with a voicemail system that will treat it as such. At DataMatrix Medical, we follow the latest security guidelines to ensure that all HIPAA-protected health information is safe.

2. A Tremendous Amount of Experience

Next, we have a tremendous amount of experience working with various medical providers. There is an astounding amount of jargon in the medical field which can impact how a message or voicemail is transcribed into your EHR. Our specialized training and experience can provide accurate medical transcriptions for you. This can help by making it easier to make decisions regarding the care of your patients.

3. Fast Turnaround Times

Your patients probably expect you to make quick decisions regarding their care, but you will not be able to do so if your voicemails are not in the chart when you read them. That is why you need to partner with a team that has fast turnaround times.

At DataMatrix Medical, we have developed a reputation for quick and accurate turnaround times. If someone leaves a message on your phone system or the lab or pharmacy calls with relevant information, we will get that information in the chart as quickly as possible. Then, when a patient calls with a question, you will have the information necessary to provide an accurate, timely response

4. Better Scalability

You probably have a patient load that fluctuates during the year. You may be busier during the winter than during the summer, or vice versa. When you have a heavy patient load, you expect your office staff to step up to meet the increased demand. You want your voicemail system to do the same.

At DataMatrix Medical, we know that your demands can change during the year, and we can change with them. We are up to the task if you have more messages to transcribe at different times of the year. We will still get those messages into the chart as quickly as possible.

5. Optimized Customer Service

Finally, DataMatrix Medical is better than automated voicemail systems because we provide better customer service. Even though we specialize in voicemail systems, we also specialize in people. We work in a people business, focusing on the people we help. This includes our providers, our office staff, and our patients. We know that you want to provide the best possible care for your patients, and our job is to give you the necessary tools. Count on us to help you.

Rely on DataMatrix Medical for All Voicemail Transcription Needs

If you are looking for a medical voicemail transcription service, look no further than DataMatrix Medical. It would be our pleasure to work with you to handle all of your voicemail transcription needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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