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How a Medical Practice Saved Time and Money with DataMatrix’s Services

DataMatrix Medical hears the same complaints over and over again from medical offices who feel bogged down by all the documentation they need to do on any given day. With healthcare regulations constantly changing, it’s difficult for any practice to keep up with compliance and give superior patient care at the same time. DataMatrix has been at the forefront of medical transcription services for more than 20 years, and we’ve seen it all when it comes to medical transcription services. It’s why we’re strong advocates of customized solutions that work for doctors and patients alike.

Of course, it’s one thing for a medical transcription company to make promises about how much time and money they can save a medical office. It’s quite another to deliver those promises to a client. To simplify matters, we’ll show you how we helped one company turn their transcription services around.

About the Client

The client we chose for this particular story is a medium sized specialized medical practice, and we’ll refer to them as Client B throughout this article. This client has multiple locations for their practice, with 25 total providers spread out across their multiple locations. Their physicians and supporting staff provide care to numerous patients who expect a specialist’s approach to their problems. It’s probably why Client B sought out a different kind of specialist when it came to their transcription needs.

An office that services that many clients a day doesn’t typically have the time to transcribe the visits, no matter how quickly they type or how efficient their shorthand is. Even just a few minutes of typing for a busy doctor can add up faster than anyone realizes. There are plenty of options available when it comes to transcribing patient visits into digital form, but they’re not always as straightforward as they seem. Voice transcription often ends up taking more time to correct and clarify than it does to dictate.

There’s little doubt that transcription can be a constant source of confusion, stress, and grave mistakes. Client B had already hired a different medical transcription company in an effort to increase their office’s efficiency. However, Client B was having consistent problems when it came to getting the information they needed from their transcribers. It prompted them to contact DataMatrix Medical to see if something could be done to remedy the situation.

The Issues

The point of a transcription service is to increase an office’s efficiency. It relieves staff from having to keep track of countless details for each patient and allows doctors to feel more confident when making decisions for patient care. But Client B wasn’t seeing any of these benefits. They couldn’t rely on their transcription partners to get their reports in on time, which created a time lag in patient charts. A doctor at Client B’s practice making a recommendation on Monday may not even see the update until Thursday. This ultimately required Client B to repeatedly ask the transcription service provider for immediate reports (also referred to as Stat reports).

Punctuality isn’t just a professional recommendation in the medical world. It can be the difference between life and death. If a medical staff can’t get the updates they need in a timely manner, they’re forced to either delay treatment or make guesses based on the information they do have. When Client B spoke to DataMatrix, it was no wonder they stressed the importance of a transcription company being able to produce reports expediently, with next day turnaround and even same day delivery of Stat reports if needed. Their main concern at that point was to increase communication and for a company to deliver by their deadlines. DataMatrix had much bigger plans for Client B.

Our Approach

DataMatrix Medical always starts by really listening to what the client is looking for before evaluating how to use our strengths to their advantage. In the case of Client B, we knew that the problem didn’t have anything to do with requiring constantly requiring Stat reports. It had everything to do with the time lag in updating the records that they had been experiencing, which resulted in the need for immediate Stat reports. By eliminating that lag, Client B would know that their patient files were always up to date (and they’d rarely, if ever, have to ask for a Stat report again.)

It’s why DataMatrix Medical guaranteed Client B next-day turnaround for all their patient files. Once we did this, the need for Stat reports practically disappeared. But it’s not only our commitment to customer service and communication that has allowed us to stay in business for this long. DataMatrix also uses modern technology to ensure our services can be fully integrated into our client’s practices. We do everything possible to minimize any disruptions during the transition period, whether that’s in the virtual or real world.

We worked with Client B to determine what would be the best way to get the information over to us. We have an easy-to-use mobile app where physicians can dictate their notes, or the staff can use the phone or a video digital voice recorder. Once those notes are in the system, they’re sent to our medical transcription service specialists. Our staff ensures that all notes are recorded in the patient’s chart, but we don’t stop there. We use a multi-tiered quality assurance system to retrace our steps and triple check that nothing was missed. And we do it all in less than a day.

With DataMatrix Medical, Client B was able to get reports uploaded directly into their EHR. Any discrete data could be entered into the correct individual fields so all information was available, organized, and easy to find. Finally, we make it possible to divide different sections on our reports into the different sections of the patient’s chart. Client B was relieved to find that we could work with their process to find a customized solution that worked for them. They were also impressed with our responsive customer service and our ability to tailor our company to theirs.

The Results

Client B may not have known it at the time they contacted us, but they had vastly overpaid for their previous transcription service. Just by switching to DataMatrix, Client B saved themselves a fifth of their medical transcriptionist budget (a full 20%!) They also saved themselves the aggravation of chasing down reports and the inconvenience of needing missing reports immediately. They had consistent, accurate records for their patients, so they didn’t have to second-guess themselves about treatment plans.

There is an unforeseen cost of poor medical transcription services that medical offices don’t realize until it’s too late. Part of this is because many medical transcription errors are easily corrected in the moment, and part of this is because doctors don’t quite understand how much time they’re losing in the long-run. But these time delays and errors add up to frustration and impatience, which can cause mistakes in the moment or contribute to complete physician burn out.

Client B was not only able to spend more time with their existing patients, they were able to start adding more patients to their practice. DataMatrix had managed to save the staff so much time that they were able to increase their workload without sacrificing their personal lives. The less hassle and more wiggle room a physician has, the more likely they are to achieve job satisfaction. These were the types of results that DataMatrix was aiming for when it came to helping Client B with their transcription needs.

In addition to increasing staff satisfaction, we believe our results also increased patient safety for Client B. Our quality assurance ensures that doctors have all the information they need right at their fingertips, which can help them avoid unspeakable tragedies. In 2012, a hospital in Alabama was found guilty of a patient death due to a transcription error in a dosage recommendation. The hospital was ordered to pay $140 million due to the error, in a case that took several years to settle. Our attention to detail means that Client B can rest easy about the accuracy of their data.


Client B was having trouble with their transcription services before they decided to contact DataMatrix to learn more about our company. They were in need of a medical transcription company who could deliver accurate work in a timely manner. DataMatrix not only heard their requests, they went straight to the heart of the problem. We offered Client B a solid guarantee of next-day turnaround when it came to their transcriptions. This virtually eliminated their need for status reports, and freed up the staff’s time immensely.

Not only were doctors able to see more patients a day, but the office was able to save a full 20% on their services. DataMatrix Medical was able to offer better work at a lower price because we focus on making our systems as reliable as they are efficient. Our technology made it possible to integrate with Client B’s systems, so they could get the updated EHRs as soon as possible. It’s our goal to provide customized and modern solutions to each of our clients so everyone has the time and energy they need to do their jobs.

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