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How Medical Transcription Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Practice

Outsourcing transcription services has become one of the most significant beneficial resources in the healthcare industry. Medical facilities and physicians have allowed their employees to provide in-house patient accounting and note dictation services for decades. This often takes away valuable time from the daily operations of running a successful practice. In today’s society, the medical industry is continually increasing in numbers as more and more people seek specialized medical assistance. As a result of this increase, medical transcription outsourcing services and service providers are always in high demand.

Medical transcription outsourcing services allow practitioners to devote more time to their patient’s needs and focus less on other organizational departments. Doctors need to provide accurate notes concerning treatments and medical reports for all of the patients that are under their care. Since accuracy is the biggest concern regarding medical records documentation, medical professionals find that outsourcing their medical transcription services eliminates data errors and offers multiple benefits.

This blog discusses the benefits of medical transcription outsourcing and how it can positively impact your practice and its patients.

6 Benefits of Medical Transcription Outsourcing

1. Increased and Improved Productivity

When medical staff allocates their time to patient paperwork, note dictation, office accounting, and filing new patient forms, it takes away valuable time with their patients. This is also detrimental to new patients, seeing that doctors prefer to thoroughly read through a patient’s medical history before the visit, especially if the patient is there for the first time.

However, medical transcription outsourcing services can improve operations, give your staff more time to spend with patients, and increase productivity. After all, less paperwork for your team to complete equals more productivity time. When adequate time and attention are spent giving direct patient care, morecanthe quality time they deserve.

A practice that has the ability to function at full capacity, without tedious administrative work and bureaucratic tasks, is a productive practice. Outsourcing your medical transcriptions can help your practice improve and increase productivity at every level.

2. Can Work Within Your Current EHR

Outsourcing your medical transcriptions can benefit your EHR, too. At DataMatrix Medical, we have the ability to seamlessly integrate into any EHR, making it easier than ever to achieve correct and complete transcriptions.

Medical offices that rely on electronic health records submission systems can depend on the accuracy and proficiency of our medical transcription service. The number of hours doctors spend transcribing notes is tedious, and time-consuming. When this part of the practice is outsourced to skilled professionals, doctors can focus their time and attention on the immediate care and treatment of their patients.

This increases practice productivity because it allows staff to worry less about difficult EHR work and more on the patient, and their other daily tasks.

3. Shorter Billing Cycles

If medical practices were to hire additional employees to provide transcription services, this time-consuming task could take away from an already set budget. New equipment would need to be purchased, and new staff members would need to be trained on how to use both the equipment and the special transcription software.

Outsourcing opens the door for shorter patient billing cycles and less in-house responsibility. Medical personnel no longer need to focus on hiring, firing, training, and problematic workflow issues. Any amount of time medical staff can spend keeping the office afloat is time well spent. Even billing issues can take longer than normal, leaving medical staff frustrated, tired and overworked. Outsourcing transcription services eliminate the hassle.

4. Virtual Transcription Services

Having a virtual medical transcriptionist makes dictating notes simple and less complicated. It’s like having a personal assistant in the same room writing down every single word and capturing every small detail. Imagine not having to deal with the stress of interviewing, hiring and training a medical transcriptionist. Virtual services provide medical offices with the freedom to dictate notes any time of the day or night without time restrictions. Plus, virtual medical transcriptionists can work remotely from any location.

Not only do medical transcriptionists transcribe notes and read over files for accuracy, they also perform data entry services. All of these services are completed remotely on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Physicians can work with a schedule too, making the process that much easier.

At DataMatrix Medical, our virtual transcriptionists are trained to understand a variety of medical jargon and terminology. They can interpret various tones and dialects, too. This ensures that your transcriptions are accurate and complete. Additionally, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to transcriptions. This is why you won’t have to worry about timeliness when you outsource to us!

5. Convenient For Everyone

Convenience is the key to working on any job, especially since medical doctors and staff members have to be flexible most of the time. However, on days when patients are sitting in the lobby waiting to be seen, and time is crucial, note dictation might take longer than usual to complete. With outsourced medical transcription services, however, this task will no longer affect in-office productivity or patient care.

Outsourcing provides a convenience that is cheaper, manageable, and customizable. When outsourcing becomes a permanent part of the practice, everyone wins. Patients get seen sooner, paperwork is submitted on time, doctors have more time to spend with patients and the medical staff is productive.

6. Accurate Documentation

The biggest job of a transcriptionist is accurately recording what is said. Paying attention to details require an attentive ear, which is becoming a transcriptionist is not a job for everyone! The simplest mistake can cost a medical practice to lose to a valuable patient, provide the incorrect type of care, or even result in legal implications. That’s why medical practices should only outsource their services to medical service providers they know and trust.

Our medical transcription services provide all the benefits of comfort, convenience, and trust medical professionals need. When it comes to medical transcription, you can trust our team of highly skilled transcriptionists. We will make sure your documentation is correct, accurate and on time—every time.

If you’re ready to learn more about our solutions, contact us. We can help you find simple and customizable ways to address the issues your practice faces every day. Don’t continue to struggle with medical transcriptions—outsource to DataMatrix Medical!

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