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Inside DataMatrix Medical’s Experience: A Medical Transcription Success Story

At DataMatrix Medical, we know that our solutions and medical transcription services work. We wouldn’t be in business for over 20 years if they didn’t! However, we understand that sometimes the best way to prove the success of our services is by showing it.

Below, you’ll learn the medical transcription success story of Client A, who’s name is protected for privacy reasons. After struggling with medical transcriptions, this medical practice decided to trust the team at DataMatrix Medical—and never looked back. Follow along with us below as we discuss the successes of one of our many clients after using our medical transcription services.

About the Medical Practice

Client A is a well-known medical practice consisting of seven physicians spread across multiple locations. While the practice is considered small, it employs nurses, managers and assistants to increase bandwidth and assist with patient care and an increasing workload.

The Issues

The physicians from Client A make notes during and after meeting with a patient in order to quickly record all the information pertaining to the visit. Like many other medical practices, documentation of patient visits are a vital part of the doctors’ work at Client A. Typically, physician notes are either written by hand or dictated through a recording device.

To document their notes, Client A hired a medical transcription service. The company was asked to transmit the information from the doctors’ spoken and handwritten records into the patients’ files. Unfortunately, the results were disastrous.

Delayed Reports

Reports were riddled with errors, and the turnaround time for reports was significantly delayed. As a result, the physicians were forced to spend additional time proofreading and correcting the mistakes that were found. The discrepancies in the transcriptions also caused problems with the nurses, who were attending to patients using inaccurate information. This not only caused great confusion for the staff, but it was also potentially dangerous for the patients. The office managers and other administrative staff also found that their jobs were made more difficult as a result of the poorly transcribed materials.

EHR Complications

The second major issue that Client A encountered was in relation to the EHR, electronic health record, software. The transcription service that Client A had employed was unable to enter the data from the physician’s report into the EHR. This lead to incomplete records, and was due to the company’s unfamiliarity with EHR protocol. Thus, Client A’s EHR became an unreliable tool, causing feelings of dissatisfaction among the staff.

For a medical practice, these types of issues are incredibly serious. Ultimately, Client A had no option but to find a new, reliable medical transcription company. They required a transcription service that would be accurate, efficient, and expedient. Furthermore, the new medical transcription company would need to be able to integrate with Client A’s EHR.

Our Approach

To address Client A’s issues, we first assigned a team of transcriptionists who specialize in the type of medical care that Client A provides to its patients. This ensured that all notes and dictations are transcribed and inputted into Client A’s EHR accurately. Additionally, our transcription specialists are knowledgeable enough in healthcare to catch errors, further ensuring accuracy, further reducing the potential legal liability.

Next, we set Client A up with our convenient mobile app, which allowed them to submit their dictations directly. Once submitted, their dictations go straight to one of our well-trained transcriptionists, who then input the data into the EHR. This eliminated the need for more action from the medical practice staff. Finally, our team sends the file through a multi-faceted quality assurance process, delivering the finished report to Client A within 24 hours of its dictation.

Finally, we assured Client A that our services are HIPAA compliant. We use a cutting edge encryption system to send all digital information, guaranteeing the highest level of cybersecurity. All members of our staff are specifically trained to keep information confidential in full compliance with HIPPA laws. Plus, the servers that house sensitive and confidential data are safeguarded by security staff around the clock.

The Results

We were able to quickly rectify the situation that had been caused by Client A’s first transcription service. By creating a customized solution to their ongoing problems, we set Client A back on track.

We were also able to address the previous mishandling of Client A’s EHR. Our staff took older dictated data and opened each appointment so that physician notes would be properly notated in the system. This provided all of the practice’s medical staff immediate access to now accurate EHR files. In doing so, these files also became available to all authorized personnel across the entire practice.

The administrative staff at Client A was also positively impacted by having access to comprehensive EHR. The changes we made to Client A’s EHR allowed them to improve coding for billing insurance companies. Accurate records mean that billing can be handled effectively and in a timely manner, saving everyone time and money.

Additionally, Client A’s files were no longer in disarray, protecting everyone at the medical practice from potential consequences.

Our Clients Experience Undeniable Success

At Datamatrix Medical, we work hard around the clock for our clients. As a result of our superior services, Client A has greatly improved their overall efficiency. The physicians spend significantly less time transcribing appointment notes, which allows them to spend more time with each patient as well as to see more patients per day. Additionally, members of the medical staff spend less time reviewing the EHR for errors, which allows them to do their work more efficiently.

Many medical practices choose to hire in-house scribes and transcriptionists in order to help physicians and staff save time. However, this isn’t always an economical option, especially for smaller medical practices. By hiring DataMatrix Medical, Client A has all of the benefits of an in-house transcription staff at an affordable price. We have become an integral part of their team. Client A definitely enjoys being able to simply record a message and to have their dictation completed for them by our transcription specialists. Not only are they able to see more patients per day, they are also able to spend more time with each patient. Furthermore, they are no longer spending additional time on documentation after operating hours.

Ready to Get Started?

At Datamatrix Medical, we understand the value of a physician’s time. We can provide you with high quality transcription services that will improve not only your time management, but also your quality of life. You could be our next medical transcription success story! Contact us to learn more about our medical transcription services and ask about our free two-week medical transcription trial.

Not yet satisfied? Get a deeper look at the success of our medical transcription service in our free case study, How My Two-Week Medical Transcription Trial Changed My Practice. Click the button below to download your copy!

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Content was originally published on January 23, 2018. Content was refreshed on July 22, 2019.

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