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5 Key Aspects To Look For From A Medical Transcription Service

A patient’s medical records provide information that is vital to administering the proper level of care. Medical personnel depend on this information to inform their decisions for prescribing medication. It is crucial that the records be as complete as possible. Often, these records will be referred to specialists and other medical practices to provide additional services to the patient. In an effort to improve the efficiency of documentation entry, more medical practices are turning to medical transcription companies.

The fast-paced environment of a medical office, specialty practice, or clinic requires that doctors be able to pass off their recordings as quickly as possible to a trained transcriptionist. At DataMatrix Medical, our transcriptionists are trained to complete timely and accurate reports—but we don’t stop there.

When searching for a medical transcription service, it’s paramount you look at their dynamics. At DataMatrix Medical, our results are superior to other medical transcription companies. Why? Because customer service is the cornerstone of our company! In this post, we will discuss the five key aspects of our business. This will allow you not only understand why we do what we do, but what sets us apart from other transcription companies.

5 Features That Set DataMatrix Medical’s Medical Transcription Service Apart

1. We Value Accuracy

Medical records are directly tied to a practitioner’s bottom line, because these files contain information that will allow a practice to bill the insurance company. The services rendered will need to be clearly conveyed to enable an insurance provider to pay for the portion for which they are responsible, and a properly transcribed form will save time when submitting the paperwork for billing.

To avoid these complications, we adhere to a strict, multi-tiered quality assurance policy. This keeps our clients from having to re-transmit information to insurance companies due to mistakes, allowing your practice to save time and money.

We also take legal implications very seriously. Medical records can sometimes be subpoenaed for use in a court of law as well. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as medical malpractice, civil suits, and criminal cases. All the items in a medical record need to be error-free, as they can be used to determine whether treatment was adequately administered or whether a patient’s medical condition played a role in some other way regarding the issue in question.

Mistakes in the patient’s file can damage a physician’s reputation when examined by a third party, causing them to lose credibility and trustworthiness. The need for accuracy from a medical transcription service cannot be overemphasized enough. Errored reports not only impact your practice, but also its patients, which is why we hold accuracy to the highest regard.

2. Our Team Is Expertly Trained

Medical terms and conditions can be difficult to spell and are sometimes hard to understand when spoken. Background noises and rushed speaking can make the job of transcribing that much harder. As well as various accents can make spoken words harder to discern. At DataMatrix Medical, we employ highly-trained medical transcriptionists as an essential part of providing exceptional transcription services. Our transcriptionists are trained to understand medical jargon and nuances, as the language associated with transcribing is often specialized and contains terms that are not commonly known to the general public.

Some medical practices may opt for using voice recognition software, but one drawback is that the doctor will need to proofread the document before it can be finalized. This is because the program will often be unable to detect particular words or turns of phrase, and as a result, it will not be able to properly transcribe the recorded message.

Our staff of knowledgeable agents can accurately decipher recordings, avoiding the errors that transcribing software might make. Our dedicated team can also detect the words that are hidden behind stammering or other vocal irregularities that a software program is certain to struggle with. Lastly, our agents can assist the doctor in spending time where they will be most productive, leaving the transcribing to our experts.

3. We Use the Proper Format

Each doctor’s office or clinic uses the method of charting that works for them, and this can vary from physician to physician. At DataMatrix Medical, we are proficient with a variety of EHR, or electronic health record systems, and our transcriptionists are adept at filling in the fields correctly with the appropriate data.

Another important task doctors need done is the scanning of documents directly into the patients’ charts. We can perform this task as well! We can also take handwritten information and enter this into the medical record, and provide support to ensure the proper coding protocol for billing purposes.

4. We Offer Easy-To-Use Transcription Solutions

The process of dictating documentation and then providing files to a transcribing service can be tedious work. However, we can eliminate this process. At DataMatrix Medical, we set up all of our clients with an app with which they can directly record their message. This eliminates further steps or wasted time. From there, our transcriptionists can immediately work on inputting the data straight into the medical record or the EHR.

5. We are HIPAA Compliant

The laws protecting information regarding patients’ medical history prohibit unauthorized parties from having access to data regarding a person’s health conditions and other sensitive data. Which is why we employ personnel with integrity, who are trusted to keep these details confidential. When it comes to trustworthy medical transcription companies, this is one of the most important indications.

Another important aspect of HIPAA compliance involves safe storage of data. We use an encryption system that protects records from hackers while it is being transferred via the internet. All of our servers are guarded against theft around the clock by staff trained in security measures and tactics.

A Medical Transcription Service You Can Trust

At DataMatrix Medical, we provide medical transcription services that ensure the utmost quality of our work. We take care to transcribe quickly, delivering your finished file to you within a 24 hour period. Furthermore, we can also offer solutions to assist with coding, billing, document management and more.

Our virtual scribes will work remotely to provide support, lowering your costs and ensuring a faster turnaround speed. If you have questions about our medical transcription services, or about any of our solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Ready to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing? Download our free informational guide, How To Optimize Clinical Productivity Through Outsourcing.


Content was originally written on December 19, 2017. Content was refreshed on July 19, 2019.

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