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Are you looking for a team that can help you with your office administrative needs? If so, you might be interested in voicemail transcription. This is a service that can help you take all messages from insurance companies, outside facilities, and your patients and their families leave for you, quickly transcribe them into text, and enter them into your EHR system. That way, you can read them at your convenience and respond to your patients in a timely manner. What is voicemail transcription, and how can you maximize its benefits? Take a look at some important information below.

What Is Voicemail Transcription?

When you work with voicemail transcription services, you get to read your voicemails instead of listening to all of them. Think about how much time you currently spend listening to people who leave messages for you. You might even need to go through a robotic menu option to get to your messages, which only increases the amount of time you spend listening to them. Instead of dealing with this hassle, you can read your voicemails instead. You can probably read faster than the message plays, and you can skip to the important part of the message. Furthermore, you can read your messages from just about anywhere instead of listening to them on the phone. That is where voicemail transcription can be helpful for your practice.

Why Do Practices Rely on Voicemail Transcription Services?

There are a few reasons why practices rely on voicemail transcription to help them. First, providers are on the go a lot. They are not always at the desk where they have easy access to a phone. They might not want to use their smartphone to listen to their voicemail either.

With voicemail transcription services, the doctor receives a task in their EHR system of all of their phone messages. They have the freedom to read them at their convenience. Then, they can tell the nurse what to tell the patient, or they can pick up the phone and call the patient themselves. This makes it easier for providers to get important information back to the patient in a timely manner, helping to keep patients happy. 

Are Voicemail Transcription Messages Secure?

Yes. All voicemail transcription messages are secure. Because there is a good chance your voicemail messages contain private health information that is protected by HIPAA, the messages need to be kept securely within your EHR. It is important for you to take a look at the services provided by the company to make sure the messages are stored in a safe and secure manner. You also need to take a look at where the audio recording is being stored to ensure it is HIPAA compliant. If you decide to go with the voicemail transcription services from DataMatrix Medical, your voicemail transcription messages will be secure.

How Do the Voicemail Transcriptions Land in the EHR?

If you decide to partner with DataMatrix Medical, we have a dedicated team that provides you with a quality solution to protect your voicemail transcriptions from harm. We have a comprehensive solution that will place all of your voicemail transcriptions in the patient’s chart within your EHR system for you. Then, you can read them at your convenience.

Or, if you want a printed copy of them, you or your staff can go into the patient’s chart and print out your voicemail transcriptions for you to read while on the go. You have the freedom to handle this as you see fit. Count on the team from DataMatrix Medical to assist you.

Work With DataMatrix Medical for the Best Voicemail Transcription Services

If you are looking for a way to save time during the day, you need to go with voicemail transcription services. You do not need to spend countless hours a day listening to your voicemail messages. Instead, you should be able to read them at your convenience.

At DataMatrix Medical, we are proud to provide you with access to a comprehensive solution that can help you save time during the day. Our voicemail transcription will place all of your voicemail messages in a text format that is safe and easy to access. You can read them at your convenience, so reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you. It would be our pleasure to set you up with some of the best voicemail transcription services in the industry.

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